Literacy in the Disciplines 6-12 Survey

Welcome to the Literacy in the Disciplines 6-12 Survey.

Thank you for your interest in taking our survey. By participating in this survey, you become our partners in research.

This survey is broken into four sections:

  • sociocultural contexts of literacy instruction
  • pedagogy
  • disciplinary literacy
  • teacher dispositions/demographics

We request that everyone complete all four sections, responding to the best of their ability. 

Please review the consent information prior to moving to the next page. By moving to the next page, you are providing consent for participation. This survey should take you around 15 minutes to complete. 

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Please note…This is not an evaluation of your teaching skills. It is an instrument to research different dimensions of literacy teaching and learning.

Your responses will remain anonymous and will neither be able to be traced back to you nor shared with any administrator in your district. It is important to be as accurate as possible. Together we can become stronger and more effective as we learn from each other and from our students. Again, thank you for your help in this important endeavor.