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We are a group of educators from across the state who have been collaborating as a research group to support disciplinary literacy in middle and high schools in South Carolina. Our goal is to help middle and high school educators address literacy and support all learners in their classrooms.

We believe that literacy:

  • Is communication
  • Requires participants to consume, curate, and create content
  • Requires, but is not limited to, reading and writing print text specific to and within the discipline
  • Includes digital and/or multimodal in nature and therefore requires participants to utilize a wide range of literacy skills to make sense of various text forms
  • Is a social, co-constructed practice
  • Is contextualized by an individual’s identity, culture, experience, and prior knowledge
  • Is most effectively constructed through authentic spaces and when used for authentic purposes

We believe all educational stakeholders — students, teachers, administrators, parents, community members, and policymakers — bring expertise, experience, and perspectives that enrich our shared understanding of literacy, literacy learning, and literacy instruction.

We believe all adolescents, from striving to accelerated learners, deserve high quality disciplinary instruction that embeds literate practices across all subject areas. 

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