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Choosing Perspective

South Carolina High School student Addie Laney explores the ways in which students are navigating choosing their perspective during the Coronavirus pandemic.

By: Addie Laney, South Carolina High School Student

Perspective. Many of us learned this word in art class when we were younger, but didn’t quite understand how it would apply to our lives on a broader scale, not yet. I thought it was an art term, then I learned this word is more than an art term. Perspective is the opinion form around a topic and how you choose to view issues. When thinking about the Coronavirus, the first thing to come to mind are negative thoughts, which is natural. As the cases rise, so does the fear, and so does the trauma that some people experience. 

There are questions we never thought we would be asking, like: “What if i get it?” “What if my loved ones get it?” “When will I see my friends again?” Now those are questions we hear everyday. It’s okay to feel this way. No one knows what the next steps are involving the world’s peculiar situation right now. 

Even though the level of uncertainty is so high involving the Coronavirus, one thing we can be certain of and have control over is our perspective. 

I asked my friends to share negatives and positives they have found during this time of quarantine and social distancing. The video proves the undeniable truth and power of perspective. During this time we can choose to focus on how the stores aren’t open, how we can’t see all of our friends, or even how much we miss stepping into a school building everyday to learn. Or, we could focus on the good. We can spend more time with our families and reconnect with them again. We can focus on other values we have in life, like religion. We can learn new hobbies that help us find out new stuff about ourselves. Most importantly, we can learn how to truly appreciate what we have. 

This is how we can view not only the situation involving the Coronavirus, but any situation life throws at us. Focusing on the negative, in a time like this, isn’t going to change anything or how anyone is feeling, it just feeds our trauma. We can choose to turn what could be a traumatic experience into a good, life changing experience and instead choose to heal ourselves, better ourselves and support ourselves. I choose to smile and stay safe.  I hope you will too by focusing your perspective not on the negative, but on the positive.

About the Author

Addie Laney is a rising junior. She is the Fine Arts Chair of Student Council, President of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, a member of Future Farmers of America, a member of Youth Leadership for her county of residence and the Public Relations Chair for National Honor Society. She is also a member of her high school tennis team and a member of the senior dance in dance academy. She aspires to attend USC and become a therapist.

6 replies on “Choosing Perspective”

Keep smiling & stay safe Addie. Thank you for sharing your perspective and leading your peers through challenging times with care & positivity.

Great job Addie Laney! I am so proud of you! You will do great things in this world.
K. Perritt

Addie, I am so proud of you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. Glad you can share your ability to look for the good in almost all situations. You are a positive and encouraging influence. Just what we need! Have a great summer.

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